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Over the years, the telecom industry has had such a bad reputation. Too many companies fall short of not only “we offer the best customer service” but also on false promises and features. JAS Communications is here to revolutionize the telecommunication industry. With our user friendly interface, competitive pricing & top tier customer service, we are here to help our valued clients. We pride ourselves on offering competitive all-inclusive pricing to our customers. All our business plans include all our innovative features, so you don’t have to spend hours reading through feature tables. What you see is what you get.

What sets us apart?

We'll do everything required to make sure you love the service! We're the friendly-er phone company. We have great ambitions and we’ll be focusing our efforts on a specific set of integrations for the medical, financial, and insurance industry! If you have an enhancement request; we listen and chances are - we'll develop it!

We have 1 singular mission

No contract

To go above and beyond where no customer service has gone before. To work in collaboration to overcome any obstacle and build long-lasting relationships.


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